Meet Darcey and guide dog Ferguson

Meet Darcey and guide dog Ferguson

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Darcey & guide dog Ferguson

Douglasville, Georgia

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Darcey sits with his new guide dog, Ferguson, in front of a colorful building.

Darcey didn’t know what to expect when he arrived at our first overnight camp for teens in March, 2019. His vision teacher said he and his mom would learn about guide dogs, but the experience turned out to be life changing. “It was way more than I thought it would be,” the high school senior says. “I didn’t think we would get to be hands-on with dogs. It was very informative and I enjoyed it a lot.” Darcey quickly applied for a guide dog, and now, he’s been paired with a mellow yellow Lab named Ferguson—Fergie, for short.

“Fergie is really calm and relaxed,” Darcey says. “Usually when I sit down, he sits down. When I sleep, he sleeps. He doesn’t like to get into anything too crazy. I like that we are kind of the same!”

Darcey plays the piano and likes basketball, football, and soccer. With Ferguson, he will safely navigate Atlanta’s big sports arenas, and he hopes to attend Georgia State University to forge a career in the music business.

Macular degeneration has cost Darcey years of independence. His message to other teens with vision loss is, “If you find yourself wanting to do things and not rely on your parents and friends, and to go out when you want to, where you want to—get a guide dog!”

Do you know a teen that could benefit from guide dog camp? Encourage them to apply today.

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