True Story: The Highs and Lows of Loving a Pit Bull

FOR DOG PEOPLE | By Elisabeth GeierGenuine Story: The Highs and Lows of Loving a Pit Bull

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Everything happened so quick: the neighbor’s pit bull came out of the open front entryway snarling, my two restricted pit bulls began to bark and lurch, and I stumbled on the control as I upheld onto the contrary walkway, tumbling down and coincidentally dropping the chains.

Out of nowhere my canine Radar, a dreadful little salvage with scars all over, was dashing over the road towards another extreme looking canine, and there was nothing I could do to stop him. My “great canine” Ralph withdrew to the walkway and set down, as though to state, “I can’t watch.”


Radar pursued the neighbor canine inside the house, and I set myself up for the most noticeably terrible. In spite of the fact that Radar has never been in a battle, I didn’t have the foggiest idea about the neighbor canine, and they were both so stirred up, it appeared something horrendous was going to occur. Fortunately, when they ended up in the lounge room, they appeared to be too paralyzed to even consider doing whatever else. My sweetheart snatched Radar and conveyed him outside similarly as the neighbor at last came around the side of the house with her infant on her hip, having missed the whole experience.

At long last, no one was harmed. My neighbor and I was sorry for our separate canines’ conduct, and I gave careful consideration to at long last take on that “receptive meanderer” instructional course I’d been thinking about for quite a long time. I have to ensure something like this never happens again.

All canine sweethearts owe it to their pets to be capable, mindful watchmen, yet pit bull parents have a significantly more significant job: to be a variety envoy for these grand, misconstrued canines.

The most effective method to be a pit bull breed envoy


Realize the pit bull character

Pit bulls are fun, loving canines with a long, noteworthy history. They’re clever, dynamic, entertaining, and all-around lovable. They’re likewise as often as possible distorted in the media due to harmful and inescapable fantasies, and regardless of how incredible your canine is, odds are you’ll experience someone who considers ineffectively him as a result of his variety. You can help change general sentiment about pitties by learning about them and helping flaunt their actual, awesome natures to the world.


Know your canine

Each canine is extraordinary, even inside a particular variety. For instance, some pit bulls love different canines, and some just endure them, or don’t care for them by any stretch of the imagination. By learning your canine’s inclinations and peculiarities, you can choose what sort of condition is best for her, and assist her with being a decent “ambassadog.”

I know my young lady Ralph is delicate and sweet with everybody she meets, so I regularly go for her for strolls in occupied neighborhoods and on playdates at the off-chain park. Radar, then again, is excessively responsive for open parks, so he gets his recess in little, directed gatherings with canines and people he knows and trusts. The two of them can be ambassadogs in their own one of a kind ways.

Ralph and radar cuddle up—photograph by Elisbeth Geier

Keep your closest companions occupied

Preparing will support your brilliant, inspired pit bull utilize her best habits wherever she goes, and as a little something extra, it’s an incredible method to bond! Pit bulls are amazing up-and-comers for Canine Good Citizen preparing. On account of their insight, affectability, and high snuggle remainder, they likewise make great treatment canines.

Athletic pitties can sparkle in canine games like bait flowing and spryness. Keeping your canine dynamic and occupied with the kind of preparing that suits her best won’t just make you both more joyful, however help battle the legend that pit bulls are hazardous and eccentric.

Flickr/Glen Craig

Resemble the pit bull

Pit bull watchmen at times need tough qualities to avoid oblivious remarks about their canines. Fortunately, our adorable light heads set extraordinary models for how to connect on the planet. Be interested and locked in. Be dynamic. Be faithful to your closest companion. What’s more, consistently be happy to play.


Being a pit bull watchman can be testing, yet the prizes are perpetual, and you’re ensured a lifetime of affection.

Simply take a gander at these two!

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